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Free Forum: Features and Benefits

Create a Community

Connect people like you. Create your own community discussion boards and get a free forum.

Easy Installation

Instant activation. fast and reliable. No pop up ads and completely free. Your Message Forum is ready for use! Subscribe today and get your own free forum.

Customizable Design

Customize your message forum or choose from professionally designed templates. Customize a forum skin to exactly match your website.

Fully customizable

Include a WYSIWYG editor and allows customization.

Password Protection

Prompt users for a password to restrict access to your free forum.

IP Banning

Control who can post in your message forum and who cannot.

Add Smiles

Add over 500 smileys to your message forum entries.

Allow Images

Allow visitors to post their own images and HTML.

Unlimited space

Unlimited messages, spam prevention

Comprehensive Statistics

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